It is not only products, but a "Culture of BraaiBokkie™".


The BraaiBokkie™ came into existence in George in the Western Cape. It was when our children left the house that we realized that our indoor braai was too large for the two of us. I made a trestle to accommodate our "Braai Grid". it was a winner! Everybody wanted one! What started as a practical gift for our friends, evolved into a practical tool that anybody could use.

It is affordable, mobile, light weight and durable. It is not a product alone, but it started a "Culture of BraaiBokkie™"".

No more bricks or stones, just BraaiBokkie™, meat and then bones! When you buy a BraaiBokkie™, you receive a BraaiBokkie™ Certificate. BraaiBokke™ can take part on our Facebook Page and can also send in their experiences and recipes that could be shared in our Braai Manual™.

BraaiBokkies™ are not available at retail stores, but only from BraaiBokke™ or Online.

The Certificate

The owner of a BraaiBokkie™ is a BraaiBok™ and certified as being a member of the BraaiBokkie™ Culture!

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A Certified BraaiBokkie™ will understnad the true meaning of the following words as they appear on the Certificate. Bokkie, Trestle, Braai, Potjie, BraaiBokkie™, Doos, Bokdoos, Drol, Bokdrol, Bokkapater, Naai, Boknaai, BraaiBok and Stukkie.

Braai Culture™

No more Bricks and Stones, only a BraaiBokkie™ and Meat, then Bones! BraaiBokkies™ can participate on our Facebook Page and share their BraaiBokkie™ experiences and Recipes which could be available in our Braai Manual™.

BraaiBokkie™ is constantly developing new ideas and products and fun. You would never be bored again.

Affirmative Action

Prices increase and everything becomes more expensive - afford to braai with BraaiBokkie™. BraaiBokkie™ is a Participating Partner of the Clickonit Consumer Network. Before ordering your BraaiBokkie™, get your membership free of charge!

Invite your friends for a Bring and Braai, demonstrate your BraaiBokkie™ - assit them to order and earn Cash! Build a Network of BraaiBokkies™ and buy a sheep to Braai regularly! What a BraaiBonus™!

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